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The Heroic Age IAmASecretAvenger Valkyrie 01 The Heroic Age: Valkyrie BiographyValkyrie is an Asgardian demi-goddess by birth, her real name is Brunnhilde. Among her other aliases are Barbara Denton-Norriss, Samantha Parrington and Sian Bowen who all were host bodies to the spirit of Brunnhilde. Her first appearance was in The Avengers vol. 1 #83. For much of her history she was a mainstay of the superhero team known as the Defenders. Samantha Parrington, a previous host to Brunnhilde, later received the Valkyrie powers herself and became a member of the Defenders as Valkyrie.

At a young age, Brunnhilde, along with Sif, were one of the few female Asgardians to enter into training in order to become warriors. Although the two girls started out as rivals, due to Sif’s jealousy, believing that the blonde Brunnhilde would be more competition for winning the affections of Thor. Even though the two initially get off to a rough start, they eventually became allies when Brunnhilde helped Sif to break an enchantment on Thor which was placed by Amora when she used the Mirror of Mycha. To to this day, Sif is perhaps the only female Asgardian who may be equal to Brunnhilde in combat. Once Brunnhilde had grown and completed her training she was appointed by the All-Father, Odin, to lead the Valkyrior in combing the battlefields for worthy mortals on the brink of death and leading them to Valhalla. Brunnhilde was so proficient at this task and so renowned for her skills that she was able to maintain this position of power for centuries. Her success and combat prowess caused Odin to revere her so much, that she was even tasked with subduing his son, Thor, when he destructively tore through the mortal realm of Midgard after the humans he had been protecting ate his beloved steeds. Although Brunnhilde was doing well in combat against the Thunder God, the two were forced to join together and defeat a Storm Giant who came to destroy Midgard. Afterward, both Asgardians seemed to enjoy a brief tryst before returning to their respective duties.

The Heroic Age IAmASecretAvenger Valkyrie 02 227x300 The Heroic Age: Valkyrie BiographyDuring this time, however, Odin entered into a deal with the other Gods of Earth and the ancient Celestials, forcing him to cut off all interaction with Midgard, leaving Brunnhilde and her Valkyries only slain Asgardian warriors to choose from when performing their duties. Since Asgardians rarely died due to their long life-span, Brunnhilde attempted to occupy her time by finding new adventures to face. On some occasions, she would even accompany the Enchantress from time to time, although when Brunnhilde tried to move on to other tasks, Amora turned on her and trapped her essence inside a soul crystal, keeping her there for centuries. Amora often used this crystal to access the Valkyrie’s superior physical abilities for herself, or to enhance her pawns.

Centuries later, Amora used her crystal to bond Brunnhilde’s essence to the mortal Barbara Norris, who eventually joined the Defenders. Some time later, Brunnhilde’s actual Asgardian body was recovered, although she continued to serve with the Defenders until the team disbanded. After this, Brunnhilde returned to Asgard to resume her role as leader of the Valkyrior and even allowed Samantha Parrington to work as new Valkyrie on Earth, after Lorelei and the Olympian Death God Pluto transformed the mortal for their own schemes.

Brunnhilde and her horse were slain in battle by Durok the Demolisher, however, she passed on her leadership of the Valkyries and her mighty sword, the Dragonfang, to Sif, who quickly avenged Brunnhilde’s death, just before Loki’s ultimate destruction of Asgard during the Ragnarok. After Thor was reborn, he restored many of the Asgardians with the Odinforce.

The Heroic Age IAmASecretAvenger Valkyrie 03 The Heroic Age: Valkyrie BiographyThe Heroic Age
Valkyrie later joins with She-Hulks new Lady Liberators to bring to justice the new Red Hulk whom they beat and confine, but he later escapes thanks to help from Thundra. After Norman Osborn caused the destruction of Asgard Valkyrie was personally invited to join the Avengers by Captain Rogers.

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