Chaos War: God Squad #1 Cover Art

Posted on September 28th, 2010 by The Heroic Age

Chaos War God Squad Chaos War: God Squad #1 Cover Art

Chaos War: God Squad #1 Cover Art by Dan Panosian
Written by MARC SUMERAK Pencils & Cover by DAN PANOSIAN CHAOS KING has decimated the Pantheons of Earth, but the new GOD SQUAD have a last, desperate plan to halt Mikaboshi’s march towards oblivion! The Kami of Japan once trapped Chaos King in Yomi – the Japanese Underworld – but even with the God Squad’s help, can his old pantheon put the genie back in the bottle? The gods themselves aren’t prepared for what they may find at the gates of Hell! Join the HELLSTORM, SILVER SURFER, SERSI, VENUS and more of Marvels’ most daring deities on an epic adventure that’s sure to rock the heavens!

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