Captain America’s Return to Modern Times to Receive an Update

Posted on July 29th, 2010 by The Heroic Age

Captain America Man Out of Time Captain Americas Return to Modern Times to Receive an Update

Captain America: Man Out of Time
In 1964’s “Avengers” #4 by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, the titular team woke Steve Rogers from his frozen slumber and asked the Living Legend of World War II to join their team. Cap did just that, but he found the modern world to be a strange place. Everyone he had cared for had aged or died. He felt like a man out of time.

If Cap felt like an anachronism even though only about two decades had passed between the end of World War II and “Avengers” #4, imagine what he would feel like if the Avengers only recovered him several years ago. Starting this November, writer Mark Waid and artist Jorge Molina update the tale of Captain America’s reemergence into the modern world with the five issue miniseries “Captain America: Man Out of Time.”

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