Captain America and his Decades-Spanning Battle Against HYDRA

Posted on July 22nd, 2010 by The Heroic Age

Hydra Captain  Captain America and his Decades Spanning Battle Against HYDRA

Captain America: Hail HYDRA
In 1965’s “Strange Tales” #135, readers were introduced to one of the most enduring evils of the Marvel Universe, the terrorist organization known only as HYDRA. Nick Fury’s old foe, the Nazi soldier Baron Wolfgang Von Strucker, is generally credited with establishing HYDRA as a modern day threat with his takeover of the organization in the aftermath of World War II, but there have been hints that organization’s roots stretch all the way back to ancient Egypt. Under Strucker’s leadership, HYDRA became a secret society of fanatics armed with high tech weapons and bent on world domination. And like it’s mythical namesake, attempts to destroy the terrorist group often result in one cell disappearing and others popping up to take it’s place. The current incarnation consists of Strucker, several other high council members and their legion of followers, all of whom have been making life miserable for Nick Fury and the other cast of characters that populate the monthly “Secret Warriors” series.

Over the years, HYDRA has been one of Fury’s chief opponents, but they’ve also frequently locked horns with several other Marvel heroes, including Wolverine, Elektra and perhaps most notably, Captain America. In January 2011, writer Jonathan Maberry and a team of artists kick off “Captain America: Hail HYDRA”, a five issue miniseries that will chronicle the Sentinel of Liberty’s decades-spanning battle against a particularly insidious arm of the fearsome terrorist organization.

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